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2 John

Authorship & Date

See 1 John.


1 John 1 says "To the elect (eklektos adj.) lady (fem. kurios) and her children". Who is the "elect lady" and who is "her children"? Several clues reveal that "elect lady" may refer to a church, and her "children" to the members of that church.
  • Use of plural pronoun you (humin) in vs. 12.
  • Vs. 13 states "the children of your elect sister greet you.", implying that the members of a sister church send their greetings.
The specific church that John was writing to is not known. But we may assume that the church was near Ephesus (again see comments in 1 John).

The use of code words, such as "Elder", "Elect Lady" may be evidence of persecution during this time.


2 John contains two main themes. Love and Doctrine. In vs. 4 through 6 John pleads with the church to "love one another."
In vs. 7 through 11 he then warns them against those who deny "Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh".

Discussion Questions

  • How is love connected with Jesus commandments? How is love connected with the 10 commandments?
  • How is love related to sound doctrine? Notice the causal conjunction at the beginning of verse 7.
  • What was the nature of deception going on during the time of John's writing?
  • What does the word "antichrist" mean? What are some common misconceptions about the term "antichrist"?
  • Read Hebrews 2:14-17. Why is it important to affirm the humanity (as well as the deity) of Jesus? How important it this doctrine according to vs. 9?
  • Read vs. 10-11. How are we to respond to those who "does not bring this doctrine"? Why is John so concerned about them aiding them? What does John mean by "receive him into your house nor greet him"?
  • What are we guilty of when we fellowship with or aide modern day antichrists?